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The Importance of a Diagnostic Repair Scan

Technological advancements have been a prominent attribute of the motor industry. Both sophisticated programming software and an onboard computer is a regular feature available in many new models now. If your car has been in …


Ways to Avoid Your Car Getting Scratched

We all have a strong affection and love for our first car. Isn’t it that we tend to be overprotective of them? Well, it is clearly justified, as for many of us, it is a …


Dispelling 3 Car Dent Repair Myths

Car dents are ugly and can impact the structural integrity of your vehicle. To ensure things don’t take a turn for the worse, you must get dents repaired immediately. While many car owners do understand …


3 Reasons to get Dents Repaired Immediately

Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill

                                                                                                              -Christopher Parker

Let’s admit it, we all procrastinate. Very few of us are willing to leave our couch on a …


Why You Should Only Select a Professional Body Shop

Have you been driving around in a car with faded or peeling paint? Well, then it is time that you go to a quality auto paint shop in Windsor to get your car looking as good …


3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Minor Bumper Damage Repaired

The cost of repairing auto body damages is usually not cheap, but it’s important to get them, even the minor ones, fixed as soon as possible. If your bumper has been damaged in an accident, …


Wave Off Your Insurance Legwork with Silveria Auto Body

When it comes to car insurance claims, there are not many people who do not immediately feel stressed out. You are probably one of them too! The process of claiming car insurance can be a …


5 Reasons to Choose Eco-Friendly Paints for Your Car

Everyone is going green. From recycling to opting for environment-friendly paint for their homes, people all over the world are doing their bit to protect the planet. You can take it one step further by …


Looking to Get your Vehicle Repaired Faster? Here’s Santa Rosa Body Shop Simple Hacks for this!

It is natural to feel frazzled if you have faced a collision that has moved your car in the garage. Most of our schedule is dependent on the functionality of our vehicles, so you may …


4 Tips to Save Money on Auto Body Repairs

Most car owners will agree that there can be nothing as frustrating as having to sign a check for an auto body repair shop in Windsor. Auto body repairs can be an expensive, however, you do …

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