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How to Help the Environment with Auto Body Repairs in Santa Rosa

Vehicles, in general, are not the most environmentally friendly devices on the planet. Now, with that said, the auto industry has come a long way in recent years. Vehicles are more efficient than ever before. …


How to Find the Perfect Auto Body Paint Color Match in Santa Rosa

In the world of auto body paint color, there is no such thing as a universal color. You’d think red would just be red, but it isn’t. Every auto manufacturer has a slightly different color …


How to Choose the Right Auto Body Shop in Santa Rosa

With today’s economy, buying a new car is undoubtedly no small fete. In fact, a car is the 2nd biggest investment to most people. Consequently, you’ll want to make your current one withstands the test …


Silveira Auto Body: Trust Our Auto Paint Shop in Santa Rosa

Does your car have paint chips, assorted blemishes and scratches? Do you wish to have a change of color to replace the dingy or faded one that it’s currently having? If your car looks like …


That Old Engine Is Getting Costlier to Repair – Is It Time to Visit an autobody Shop in Santa Rosa For a New One?

After spending more than fifty years serving the community as one of the top autobody shops in Santa Rosa, we’ve seen a lot of people trying to get every last dollar out of their existing cars …


Why Silveira Auto Body Is Among the Best Autobody Shops in Windsor

With so many choices in autobody shops in Windsor, why choose Silveira Auto Body?  After all, aren’t all autobody and repair shops the same?

Not at all!

There can be a huge difference between autobody shops in …


Important Guidelines for Auto Collision Repairs

Make absolutely no mistake about it; not knowing where to go for collision repair in Santa Rosa can cost you a small fortune. It is therefore important to know how to proceed with repair work …


My Steering Wheel is Shaking… Is it Time to Visit an Auto Body Shop?

Does your car or steering wheel shake so much that you almost feel like you are on a roller coaster? During normal operation, your vehicle is designed to drive smoothly and consistently through the streets …


5 Must Have Qualities in an Auto Body Repair Shop

Nobody really wants to go to the auto body shop. However, as your vehicle is one of your most valuable possesses (and likely most essential), you need to do what you can to repair and …


Auto Body Repair – Does Bumper Repair Have to Be So Expensive?

It’s happened to the best of us. From a minor fender bender to walking out of a grocery store, only to see your car with a dented bumper, this damage can turn into a major …

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