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Here’s How To Prevent And Address Swirl Marks In Auto Paint

There’s nothing like standing back and enjoying the beauty of your car, the way it reflects the sunlight and sparkles as if fresh off the lot. But then you notice something a bit off: A swirl mark has formed on the paint, and now it’s the only thing you see whenever you approach your vehicle. With the help of Silveira Auto Body, your local auto paint shop in Santa Rosa, you’ll never have to worry about these swirl marks again.

Avoiding Swirl Marks

Swirls marks occur when you use a cloth or towel and use a circular motion to clean or polish the paint. Dirt, fibers and other debris may collect and stick to the paint of your vehicle, resulting in a swirl. In order to avoid swirl marks, you need to stay away from harsh compounds in waxes and cleaners that leave chemical streaks. They may also occur when combining the wrong buffer and pad with the wrong polish. For that showroom shine, you really need a skilled operator who knows what he or she is doing. Also, avoid polyester threads or dry towels as these will leave behind microscopic particles that may cause the development of more swirls.

Removing the Swirls

Perhaps you already have swirls in the paint. If so, begin by polishing the vehicle. This can help remove the swirls. If you still see them, move on to a scratch remover. This will remove the clear protective layer from your paint. It will take the swirl away at the same time, but you need to make sure and touch up the area, otherwise, you leave the vehicle susceptible to rusting and fading from the sun. You can also bring it to Silveira Auto Body and point out the issue. Our team of professionals will have it back to its showroom condition and ready for you in no time.

Need An Auto Paint Shop In Santa Rosa?

When you want to keep your vehicle looking as beautiful and pristine as possible, you need to take advantage of your local auto paint shop in Santa Rosa. Silveira Auto Body has a team of professionals on hand to assist you with all your auto paint and body shop repair needs. If you have questions, are interested in a quote, or ready to schedule maintenance, contact us today.