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How Important is Color Matching When Painting Your Car?

What’s with a blob of paint, you may think! Well, the short and sweet answer is that it is extremely important! Whether you have a small scratch on your car, and just want to get a quick touch-up job done, or you have to get your bumper bar replaced and repainted at an auto paint shop in Santa Rosa, careful color matching is imperative.

What color is your car? While your car may look black, is it? As crazy as it may seem, there are numerous shades of black, and painting your car with the wrong shade can make the difference quite obvious and apparent! And, you do not want to be seen driving in a car with patches, do you?

What is involved in color matching?

As simple as it may sound, color matching is by no means an easy task. This is why most car mechanics will recommend that you solicit the expertise of a professional matching service to know the exact color of the paint of your car. Yet another consideration to bear in mind while color matching before repainting your car, is the general wear and tear, and the exposure to the elements. If you park your car in the sun, it is likely that the paint has faded over time. Road grime and even auto cleaning products can make paint fade. While this is normal, it certainly does make color matching all that more difficult.

If you do not want to end up with a patchy-looking car, be sure to follow the steps enlisted below:

1. Find the color code for the paint. You will need the model number of your car, year of manufacturing, and the manufacturer’s name. Armed with this information, you will be able to zero in on the color of your caron the official website of the manufacturer. Another easy way to find the color code of your car is on its identification plate.

2. Take this color code to an auto paint shop in Santa Rosa, and order the paint. Certain cars may be painted in two tones, and many need two or even more paint colors. Be sure to note down all the codes before you set out to order the paint.

3. If you are painting your car on your own, be sure to mix the paint till you get the exact hue you need. Blend the color until you achieve a perfect color match. Do this even if you think the color looks close enough, as you do not want the color of the spot you will be painting to look either too dark or light.

Color matching is a skill not many possess. Professional color matchers paint a vehicle either by panel painting or blending so as to achieve the perfect shade. For instance, when a hood is being installed, the fenders, front-end parts, and glass are taped off before the hood is painted. Blending is the most preferred method, and allows for the paint to be overlaid on the existing finish.

If your car needs a paint job, rely on the experts at Silveira Auto Body. Our mechanics have years of experience in color matching, body repair, and dent removal, and will restore your car to its former glory. Call us today at 707-433-2424 for a free estimate.