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How to Choose the Right Auto Body Shop in Santa Rosa

With today’s economy, buying a new car is undoubtedly no small fete. In fact, a car is the 2nd biggest investment to most people. Consequently, you’ll want to make your current one withstands the test of time. Whether your car needs paint work to rectify a scratch or dent, or it needs specific welding to correct extensive damage, you need a reliable auto body repair shop in Santa Rosa to do a good job. Silveira Auto Body is the name to remember whenever you need to revive your car’s diminishing or totally lost glory.

Crucial Aspects to Check when Choosing an Auto Body Shop

You don’t need just any shop to perform auto body repair, but the best there is. Here are top 5 aspects to look for when choosing an auto body shop:

  1. Manufacturer Certifications: Having these certifications simply means that an auto body repair shop not only has sufficiently trained technicians, but that it also has specific tools to work on specific models. Ensure that an auto body repair shop is not only certified, but that all the certifications are current.
  2. State and Industry Certifications: Be sure to check whether the shop and its technicians have received certifications from the state and relevant auto body industry associations.
  3. Warranty: A good shop that provides auto body repair in Santa Rosa will provide a lifetime warranty. This is regardless of whether it’s the customer or the insurance company paying the bill.
  4. Rapport with Insurers: It’s good to choose an auto body repair shop that has good rapport with insurers. Additionally, the shop should have a system in place for working with your insurer on your claim. Silveira Auto Shop works with all insurance companies and accepts all insurance work.
  5. Constant Training: Technology keeps evolving in the auto industry just like in other industries. To ensure that their technicians keep up with emerging trends, an auto repair shop should provide them with constant training.

Silveira Auto Body

To keep your car looking great in a world that subjects it to harsh conditions such as storms, harsh sunlight, acid rain, rust, corrosion and unfortunate accidents, you need to keep up with routine auto body repair. Silveira Auto Shop meets all the standards met by a good auto body repair shop. This puts us on a competitive edge as far as auto body repair in Santa Rosa is concerned. Contact us today for a free estimate!