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How to Find the Perfect Auto Body Paint Color Match in Santa Rosa

In the world of auto body paint color, there is no such thing as a universal color. You’d think red would just be red, but it isn’t. Every auto manufacturer has a slightly different color shade. There are all sorts of reasons behind this, with some auto companies owning copyrights on specific color shades and so on.

Regardless of the reasoning, it is important to find a perfect auto body paint color whenever you upgrade your vehicle or take it in for repairs. With the auto paint services you get in Santa Rosa from Silveira Auto Body, that’s exactly what you receive!

However, here is what you need to look for when searching for the right auto shop and paint color.

Spot Matching Your Vehicle

Scrapes and bumps happen. No matter how well you take care of your vehicle, there’s always that one curb or that one shopping cart with other intentions. If you have a spot scratch you want to touch up, you are always able to go to your local auto parts store and pick up a color pen made for your vehicle. This color should, at the very least, come close, and with such a small scratch even if there is a slight color difference it will become nearly indistinguishable.

Testing Your Paint

If you are going to be applying the paint yourself (we always recommend calling in a professional), it is always best to test it out first. Look for an area of the vehicle that isn’t visible to test it. If you want a paint option that comes with a spray applicator, you’ll want to test this out first as well. Some may come out thick, others require you to be up close to it. Always test everything out ahead of time.

Finding the Right Paint Color

If you have the option, when searching for the right color you not only want to look for the right manufacturer but also the right manufacturing year, as color tones and shades do typically change.

When searching for the right auto paint shop in Santa Rosa, one of the biggest concerns you need addressing is finding the right paint color. At Silveira Auto Body, perfectly matching your vehicle’s paint code is always a top priority.

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