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How to Help the Environment with Auto Body Repairs in Santa Rosa

Vehicles, in general, are not the most environmentally friendly devices on the planet. Now, with that said, the auto industry has come a long way in recent years. Vehicles are more efficient than ever before. With hybrid and electric vehicles continually making improvements, these vehicles do not pump out as many emissions (although the creation of electric vehicle batteries does produce greenhouse gases). That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be environmentally conscious though when it comes to your auto body repair needs in Santa Rosa.

Three Useful Tips to Remain Green

With the help of Silveira Auto Body, you can remain as green as possible by following through with these three helpful tips:

  1. Use Existing Materials

One of the best ways to remain efficient with regards to the environment is to use existing materials during the repair. This reduces the amount of trash produced. Whenever possible, repair facilities such as Silveira Auto Body use already produced products for this reason. It also helps keep the cost of repairs down for you, so you save money whenever having your vehicle restored.

  1. Better to Repair than Replace

If your vehicle has been damaged, you may consider going out and buying a new vehicle. While the look of the new paint job and the flashy set of rims is always a nice feeling, producing a new vehicle puts out a considerably higher level of greenhouse gases and produces a large amount of waste when compared to repairing your vehicle. Plus, when a vehicle is either sold or scrapped, it may end up sitting in a junkyard for years. Over time, these vehicles are stripped of parts, but fluids leak into the soil and can cause other problems as well. Due to this, whenever possible, it is always better to repair than replace.

  1. Used Parts Instead of New Parts

When you are having your vehicle worked on, if replacement parts (such as fenders) are required, you may be asked if you want a used part or a new part. Used parts can be just as good, are also less expensive, and environmentally friendly.

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No matter the vehicle you own, or the damage sustained, when you are in need of auto body repair Santa Rosa, our Silveira team is here to help. So, whether you have questions regarding the services, want to set up an appointment or are interested in price quotes, feel free to contact us today.