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How to Prevent Auto Body Damage

We all love our cars. After all, they are among our most prized possessions. We tend to save for a long time and compromise on a lot of things to buy our favorite car. Do you know that your vehicle is always under the risk of getting damaged or dented every time you take it out on the road? So, what can you do to keep it scratch-free and safe?

Keep it indoors? Unfortunately, it is not possible! The good news is, with some essential precautions, you can actually save your car from careless and minor damages. The list is long, but we have compiled some of the most critical tips that can help you maintain the shine and luster of your car.

Tips to Avoid Auto Body Damages

Here are some important tips that can save your car from minor damages.

1. Be Careful in the Parking Lot – According professionals at the best auto body shops in Santa Rosa, parking lots are among the most vulnerable places where your car is prone to minor damages. Common reasons for the loss are shopping cart dents, scratches, door dings, fender benders, the proximity of vehicles, and much more. Of course, you cannot expect a note from the defaulter here! So, why don’t you try parking your vehicle in the corners or in the last rows? You might need to walk more, but your car is going to be safe.

2. Wax Usage – Car washing is an important measure to keep them stain-free. Make sure you use only high-quality auto industry-approved cloths and solutions for this. These approved products will protect your car paint from getting scratched. Auto body shops in Santa Rosa also recommend car owners to apply a wax coat after every wash for some extra protection.

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight – Do you know that your car is also prone to damage due to ultraviolet rays, just like human bodies? Unfortunately, it is true! Try to avoid parking your car in direct sunlight for prolonged hours. This might dry the car paint, giving rise to dry patches. Also, make sure you wash your car in the shade!

4. Car Covers – Car covers are a considerable preventive measure when your car is parked in the open for long hours. It is the best line of defense for your vehicle. Make sure you invest in a high-quality and branded car cover. Going for cheaper sheets can compromise the safety of your car.

5. Rinsing is Important! – Rinsing your car before washing it is essential. This will remove all the extra dust from the surface of the vehicle. Washing without rinsing can give rise to some deep scratches on the surface.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, make sure you take care of your car. Avoid texting or talking on your phone while driving. Ensure to avoid any steep turns. Taking your eyes off the road means your vehicle is more prone to collisions or accidents. Get in touch with our experts at Silveira Auto Body at 707-433-2424.