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Silveira Auto Body of Santa Rosa Works on all Makes and Model Vehicles

6th MarchUnless your vehicle has reached the end of its usefulness or has been badly damaged and written off by your insurance company as a result of an accident, a good auto body repair shop in Santa Rosa, CA, should be able to bring your damaged or old car back on the road.

After an accident

Being involved in a collision accident is a terrifying experience, but it is necessary that you compose yourself and think about the next step to take. After assessing the situation and ensuring that everyone is safe, you will need to move your car or call your road assistance service to move it to a reputable body shop for collision repair.

Fixing your old car

In a different situation, you could be contemplating between fixing and trading your old car. You can think of selling your old car if you are fed up with it or when you have made several trips to the repair shop and there is no sign of that ending any time soon. Otherwise, fixing your old car at a good body shop is cheaper than buying a new one; your car will last longer, you will avoid high insurance and registration fees and selling a depreciated car without repairing it won’t fetch you much money anyway.

Getting a good auto body repair shop

Whether you were involved in an accident or want to fix your old car, the best solution is to head to a good auto body repair shop. For the best results, you will need body shop technicians who haveskill and craftsmanship for the job. This means they are certified technicians with many years of experience and can repair any make and model of cars including yours. It should also be able to offer related services to avoid having to look for them in another repair shop.

Silveira Auto body is a leading auto body repair shop serving Santa Rosa, CA, that specializes in repairing all makes and models of vehicles involved in auto accidents as well as old vehicles that need dent repair, painting, and more. Call (707) 433-2424.