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Silveira Auto Body: Trust Our Auto Paint Shop in Santa Rosa

Does your car have paint chips, assorted blemishes and scratches? Do you wish to have a change of color to replace the dingy or faded one that it’s currently having? If your car looks like it could benefit a great deal from a fresh coat of paint, you need to visit Silveira Auto Body. We’re a reputable and experienced auto paint shop in Santa Rosa that take paint jobs quite seriously.

Is there a Right or Wrong Time to Paint your Vehicle?

Before checking into the auto shop, however, you need to ask yourself this important question – is this the ideal time to have my car painted? If not, when is the best time to paint it? Truth is, you can paint your car anytime, but there are times that are most ideal than others. For example, winter is considered the worst time of the year to paint a vehicle. During the cold months, the paint takes longer to harden and bond to the vehicle.

Does this mean that summer is the best time to paint your car? The answer is NO. High temperatures are just as bad as low temperatures as far as painting a car is concerned. Neither should you apply paint to a vehicle that has been sitting in the sun, nor work on it if it’s too hot to the touch. Doing so will leave you with paint that dries like sandpaper, or material that pops off your car a few weeks down the road. In other words, painting your car at over 1000F is simply a bad idea.

Why Spring is the Best time to Paint your Car

You’ve already established that painting your car in either cold or really hot conditions never results in the best works. Good thing about Santa Rosa is that its weather averages, and the temperature typically varies from 370F-840F. Springtime is considered the best time to paint a vehicle as the temperatures are just right.

You may or may not be able to choose when to have your car painted, but one thing that you certainly need to do is to choose a reliable auto paint shop in Santa Rosa to do a good job. Silveira Auto Body is the go to auto shop in all matters related to auto body repair and maintenance. Contact us today.