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This Is Everything You Need To Know About Windshield Cracks

Has your vehicle recently suffered a crack in the windshield? Perhaps a pebble flew up on the highway and cracked the front glass or you simply came out to your car one day and noticed damage to the windshield. It is a good idea to have this taken care of sooner rather than later. Silveira Auto Body provides state-of-the-art auto body services in Santa Rosa, including repair work on your windshield. If you do have a damaged windshield, here is what you need to know about the crack and what to do about it.

Temperature changes will affect the crack

Most windshield cracks begin as small chips in the glass. However, over time, the crack will grow. One of the major culprits behind this is a shift in temperatures. When the temperature goes from high to low in a short period of time (or if you have the AC running inside while the temperature outside is warmer) you will force the glass to expand and contract. This causes the crack to slowly grow. If you don’t take care of the windshield crack early on it will turn into a bigger problem and what could have been patched will require you to fully replace the windshield instead.

It’s illegal to drive with a cracked windshield

Small nicks and slight cracks in the windshield are fine in terms of the legality of driving. However, as the crack grows and starts to run across the windshield, it becomes a visibility issue. It also becomes a legal issue and police officers can legally pull you over. They may choose to issue you a citation or a warning. Either way, it’s far less expensive to repair the cracked windshield sooner rather than later.

Fix or replace

If the crack is slight, you may be able to have the glass repaired. However, longer cracks will require the auto repair team to fully replace your window. Patch when the option is available.

The team at Silveira Auto Body provides a wide range of auto body services in Santa Rosa. From full body repairs to replacing and repairing damaged windshield cracks, the team is here to help. So if you’re interested in an estimate, want to know if the auto garage accepts your insurance or you are ready to schedule an auto body service, now is the time to give us a call.