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When Can a Bumper Be Repaired Versus Replaced?

There are numerous ways your bumper can get damaged or dented. For instance, someone may rear-end you, or you may hit a pole. Regardless of how your bumper gets dented, you will need to get it fixed at the earliest convenience. Many car owners may think a dent is just a cosmetic flaw they can live with. However, having a damaged bumper can be dangerous. Thankfully, fixing a dented bumper is not a herculean task. A reputable auto body repair shop in Santa Rosa can easily pull out a dent, and salvage your existing bumper. This brings up to the question – should you get your bumper repaired or replaced?

What Types of Bumper Damage is Repairable?

While you may think that replacing a damaged bumper is the best choice, oftentimes repairing it will achieve the same result. Here are a few instances when repair may be feasible and a better choice for you:

Scratches – If you bumped into a pole that caused a few scratches, you do not need to replace your bumper. Scratches can be easily removed and painted over even if they are fairly large. Unless your bumper has excessive chipping and very deep scratches, a good auto body repair shop in Santa Rosa can do wonders in restoring a bumper to its former glory.

Small Dents – As with scratches, small to moderate dents can be easily remedied as long as they are not large holes, tears, or causing extensive damage to other parts of the bumper. An experienced mechanic will perform the repair by first pulling out the dent, and thereafter fixing any paint damage.

Looseness – If your bumper is hanging loose or is simply misaligned, you do not need to replace it. Your mechanic will be able to fix it as long as all the hooks and fasteners are intact. Be sure to check if there is extensive damage to your car body that you might have to address to ensure your safety on the road.

In most instances, a bumper can be simply repaired without putting a hole in your pocket. You may have to replace the bumper if it has large cracks and holes that could affect its integrity. Similarly, if the fasteners and hooks are broken or there is extensive paint damage or dents, you may be forced to replace the bumper.

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