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Winter Car Care Tips by Silveira Auto Body

As a car owner, one of the most important things to remember is vehicle maintenance. Today, everyone wants their vehicle to have a long life. The key to a long vehicle life is routine maintenance and service. Therefore, it is important to pay proper attention to your vehicle and keep it maintained in order to ensure its performance.

The winter season is right around the corner and the winter months can take a serious toll on your vehicle. This may eventually cause you and your car to require a visit to a bodyshop in Santa Rosa for some crucial repairs and maintenance. However, following some useful tips, you can easily keep your car ready for the cold winter months.

Below are some important winter car care tips by Silveira Auto Body, a Santa Rosa auto body shop, that you can follow in order to maintain your vehicle proficiently for the upcoming winters.

  • Frequent Tire Pressure Checks – Possibly the most obvious step to getting your car prepared for winter is ensuring that your tires are frequently checked order to ensure they have a good tread and are well inflated.
  • Check the Oil Level – If you want your car to run smoothly during the upcoming winter season, you need to make sure that the oil in your car is not too low. In case you’re facing any problems, you can consider taking your car in for maintenance. Checking with your car’s owner manual is also a great idea to confirm whether or not you’re using the recommended oil type for your engine.
  • Wash Your Car– You may think that you don’t need to wash your car during the winter due to rain but, we would like to remind you that washing your car is an essential part of keeping your vehicle clean and properly maintained. It’s always best to wash your car occasionally, and get it waxed in order to prevent rust from occurring.
  • Check Your Windshield Wipers – This winter car care tip is extremely important when it comes to safety. There is nothing worse than dealing with poor visibility, and this can be the case if your windshield wipers are not performing properly. Make sure to frequently check your windshield wipers to ensure they are in good working condition.

Following these tips will help you enjoy a safe, smooth ride in your car during the upcoming winter. At Silveira Auto Body, we care about your safety. Which is why, at our auto body shop in Santa Rosa, we offer reasonable repair rates to serve our customers better. Contact us at 707-433-2424 to learn more.